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lick on any of the images below to view the selections in Joe's portfolio.

children's book
As a father, Joe has read numerous books to his young daughter, so it was a tremendous pleasure to design and write one of his own.

compact disc
This compact disc booklet for singer/songwriter David Roth features Joe's photography as well as his design.

Designing this infant booster seat box for a children's manufacturing company, Joe used his wife and daughter as models.

Dovetailing with Joe's interest in Tibetan art, this invitation to the opening of Visions Inspired by the Roof of the World features the works of artists whose works have been influenced by Tibet and the culture of its people.

The companion piece to the above invitation, this brochure provides an overview of the Visions Inspired by the Roof of the World exhibit.

business card
Joe designed this business card for a local flower shop.

A companion piece to the business card above, Joe designed this logo for the same flower shop.

The work of Martin Luther King, Jr. has long been a source of inspiration for Joe. This design for a billboard serves as a testimony to both his life and work.